Writing a newspaper editorial/article

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How to Write an Editorial. Anne Pyburn Craig Updated February 21, Home» The Rewrite. The rest of your introductory paragraph should be straight news reporting, as if you were writing an article lead: Tell the reader who, what, when, where and why.

Crisis often presents itself in unexpected ways, at unexpected times, in unexpected places. Before joining the team here at PivotPR, I had the opportunity to serve as Brand Communications Manager for the U.S.

National Whitewater Center (USNWC). Nov 12,  · Edit Article How to Write a Notable Editorial. In this Article: Article Summary The Basics Writing Your Editorial Sample Editorial Community Q&A.

An editorial is an article that presents a group's opinion on an issue and because of this, it is usually unsigned%().

A man is hired to break into the government-installed control chip of a family’s daughter. Offerings include the Post Partisan blog by Washington Post opinion writers, as well as political cartoons and political cartoon animations by editorial cartoonists Tom Toles and Ann Telnaes.

Writing a newspaper editorial/article
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