Write application settings

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How to read app.config file in VB.net?

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However, in VS, if you use the IDE (i.e. the application or website properties) to create and manage your key-value pairs, it puts them in a different place. Nov 14,  · At some time though I do want to write Application Settings in my app, during installation maybe, through an Options dialog box, or when an Administrator role is logged on.

Documentation specifies this should be done through the ConfigurationManager class. Any read-write settings typically require storage in user-scoped settings such as the unavocenorthernalabama.com where user is the user name of the person currently running the app. Default settings can be applied there as well using the DefaultSettingsValueAttribute and values are always updatable by that user.

Settings that are application-scoped are read-only, and can only be changed at design time or by altering unavocenorthernalabama.com file in between application sessions. Settings that are user-scoped, however, can be written at run time just as you would change any property value.

Oct 22,  · Thanks! I ended up using DynamicObject to do this because I can’t figure out where to instantiate the PropertiesFile object. I wanted it to be a member of my Config class and have the class read/write the properties and manage them for the rest of the application.

The application-scoped settings is one of the problems that the NET programmer has when he/she needs to decide where to put those global settings that need to use all users in the application, but also need to change programmatically by determinate user.

Different solutions has been proposed to.

Write application settings
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