Strategy of bobbi brown

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Bobbi Brown and Benefit: Two Distinct Beauty Content Looks

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Bobbi Brown’s recipe for brand success

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TEST: Why Makeup Mogul Bobbi Brown Never Wants to Build Another Billion-Dollar Brand

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The company has a portfolio of well established brands such as Aramis, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan and Smash box among others.

Case Studies

Some product lines such as Clinique and Bobbi Brown specialize in manufacturing cosmetics while other such as Donna Karan and Tommy Hilfiger specialize in a whole range of products including.

Bobbi believes “makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.” This ethos carries through into everything they do, the Pretty Powerful campaign being a great example of this, using images of her friends to be the faces for their new campaign.

Bobbi Brown’s flagship location in New York City’s Bloomingdales, CASE STUDY BOBBI BROWN GETS A MAKEOVER WITH DIGITAL SIGNAGE Multimedia from initial strategy to final installation. This A to Z approach reaped major rewards for Bobbi Brown.

For me, as an entrepreneur and founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, I view success as achieving business goals and delivering results while remaining authentic to my brand.

SVP of Global Integrated Communications - Bobbi Brown, La Mer & Jo Malone London Patricia Reynoso Passionate about the beauty industry, storytelling and the multicultural Manager, Global Social and.

Bobbi Brown received full support from YCD Multimedia from initial strategy to final installation. This A to Z approach reaped major rewards for Bobbi Brown.

Following the completion of the project they saw so much success from the addition of the digital signage that they rolled out YCD’s solution to an additional 44 store locations.

Strategy of bobbi brown
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