Engineering disasters

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Engineering Disasters

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The K-B Bridge was a ft span concrete box girder bridge, built using the cantilever method in the late s. It collapsed suddenly one evening in Septemberafter it had stood for almost 20 years. Great show, but as of 4/28/, 2 of the 3 episodes have a problem with the video matching up with the audio (about a 1 second lag on the audio).

Engineering Disasters tv-pg. They are catastrophic failures with deadly consequences. Caused by a single spark or a massive collapse, these disasters reveal one thing–the danger inherent in Browse by Topic. Find books in subject areas that are of interest to you.

After natural disasters, it isn’t always easy to get insurance companies to pay for repairs. In many instances, that's due to fraudulent engineering reports For homeowners who find their homes flooded or their roofs demolished after a natural disaster, it isn’t always easy to

Engineering disasters
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