Cultural impact of tourism thailand

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Tourism pushes Thai economy forward - but for how long?

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Economic Growth and Tourism

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Actually, tourism in Thailand plays an important role in the Thai economic structure even in the whole society, and it has a profound effect on Thai economy. In this essay, I’m going to talk about some background of tourism in Thailand, and I will try to figure out how does tourism impact the economy of Thailand.

Sustainable tourism

Tourism in Thailand has a shared and unique history with the United States. While the country’s first formal relations date back to the first US-Thai Treaty inThailand’s large tourism sector is due in part to the war in Vietnam from to Beautiful beaches, wonderful scenery and friendly people - Thailand seems the ideal tourist destination.

The impacts of tourism

But what don't they tell you in the holiday brochure? The Thai tourist authority is pushing "ecotourism", which, in theory at least, doesn't damage the environment. In addition, tourism development creates socio-cultural impacts in Thailand both positive and negative.

The term socio-cultural impacts refer to associated changes to resident’s daily life, their values, way of life, artistic and intellectual products, architecture of people and customs.

Information on ecotourism opportunities on Koh Phra Thong. Sustainable tourism practices adopted by local accommodation & activity providers.

Cultural impact of tourism thailand
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