A view of society through sociological imagination

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Sociological imagination

Wright Mills to describe the ability to “think yourself away from the familiar routines of everyday life” and look at them from an entirely new perspective. Sociological imagination is not a theory but an outlook of society which tries to steer us into thinking away from one's usual day-to-day life and look at one's life afresh.

Specifically, the sociological imagination involves an individual developing a deep understanding of how their biography is a result of historical process and occurs within.

A View of Society Through Sociological Imagination ( words, 3 pages) Sociology is defined as the systematic study of social behavior and human groups. Sociological Imagination is a type of critical thinking used by sociologists to understand the behavior of different groups of people around the world.

Three Major Perspectives in Sociology From concrete interpretations to sweeping generalizations of society and social behavior, sociologists study everything from specific events (the micro level of analysis of small social patterns) to the “big picture” (the macro level of analysis of large social patterns).

“Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both.” C. Wright Mills. Written by sociologist C. Wright Mills inThe Sociological Imagination is a book that encourages people to replace the lenses they're currently using to view.

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Sociological Perspective

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What Is the Sociological Imagination? A view of society through sociological imagination
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